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You can’t celebrate the month of March without eating & drinking all things GREEN! These matcha recipes are so delicious, it doesn’t have to be a holiday or particular month to enjoy them : )

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Cheers to a healthy and happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at FMK!☘️

Benefits from Matcha

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea that comes with many health benefits.

Cancer Prevention:Matcha contains antioxidants called catechins, which are not found in other foods. The catechin found in green tea, EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) provides cancer-fighting properties. EGCg and other catechins counteract the effects of dangerous free radicals coming from chemicals, radiation, UV rays, which can all lead to cell and DNA damage.

Aids* in Weight Loss:I don’t want this benefit to be held with too much high regard, but there is research shown that consuming matcha can help boost metabolism and burn fat.

Lowers LDL “Bad” Cholesterol:The catechin found in green tea, EGCg, also aids in lowering cholesterol levels.


Pick a High Quality Matcha Powder

When you’re making a matcha green tea latte, the hardest part is starting because you want to pick the best matcha powder. There are so many options out there! What’s the difference between baking grade, ceremonial, culinary, etc.?

Well, I’ve foundmy favorite matcha powderis thisfirst harvest latte gradepowder.

If the brand you found doesn’t label their matcha green tea powder as “latte” grade, then be sure to select “ceremonial grade” for the best flavor and quality.

Matcha Breakfasts + Snacks

These muffins, oats, waffles, and more are the perfect matcha flavored breakfast, snack or afternoon pick-me-up. You can prep the snacks ahead for a week of delicious, filling snacks.

Whole Grain Almond Matcha Muffins

You are going to LOVE these Whole Grain Almond Matcha Muffins. Made gluten-free friendly and dairy-free, perfect for the matcha lovers in your life.

More Matcha Snacks

Matcha Drinks

Once summer hits, iced matcha lattes are my go to drink. There’s just something refreshing about drinking an iced latte on the front porch thatcoffeedoesn’t do for me. All these matcha drinks are refreshing and filled with antioxidants.

Easy Iced Matcha Latte

Making the perfect iced matcha latte at home couldn’t be easier! It’s simple to make a healthy refreshing drink that tastes even better than Starbucks. You can use your favorite dairy-free milk for a delicious vegan option.

More Matcha Drink to Enjoy

Matcha Desserts

These matcha dessert recipes are so much much fun! From cake to cookies and cheesecakes to simple no bake desserts. There is something for everyone.

Dark Chocolate Matcha Coconut Butter Cups

These 5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Matcha Coconut Butter Cups made using dairy-free chocolate, pure coconut butter, a touch of pure maple syrup, and matcha green tea. Healthy, vegan-friendly using your favorite chocolate, and seriously delicious!

More Matcha Dessert Recipes

What’s your favorite way to enjoy matcha?

Let me know if you make any of these recipes by leaving a comment and letting me know your favorite recipess! Xx, Ashley

About Ashley

"Ashley Walterhouse is the founder of Fit Mitten Kitchen, based in the Greater Lansing Area of Michigan, AKA “the Mitten.” Ashley grew up as a picky eater but later discovered that eating healthy was actually easy and fun. She started FMK in 2015 as a way to share her newfound love of developing healthier recipes for all to enjoy."

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  1. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    These all look magical. I have been adoring matcha even MORE these past few months for some reason! Guess now its versatility is being more appreciated. To me, a simple latte or even a nice matcha cake does it for me, ALWAYS. I can’t get enough of it now!


The Best Healthy Matcha Recipes • Fit Mitten Kitchen (2024)


What is the healthiest way to consume matcha? ›

If you want to reap all the health benefits that come hand-in-hand with matcha green tea, the best way to drink matcha is with as little sugar and honey as possible. A little bit never hurts every once in a while, but making a habit of drinking real, organic matcha will help you feel great all day long.

What can I add to matcha to make it healthier? ›

Matcha powdered green tea is a natural source of all-day energy and may even take the edge off of appetite if you're fasting. That said, one of the most popular adaptations of matcha is to make it 'bulletproof' by adding some healthy fats: olive oil, MCT oil, or virtually any fat of your preference.

How to drink matcha for weight loss? ›

3 Easy Ways to Burn Fat and Lose Weight
  1. Add Matcha to Your Workout Water Bottle. Fill about three-quarters of your workout bottle with cool water. ...
  2. Drink Matcha Around 3:00 p.m. ...
  3. Drink Matcha Before Any Physical Activity.

Is it good to drink matcha every morning? ›

Sipping matcha daily can have a positive impact on your energy levels and overall health. Unlike coffee, matcha provides a less jittery pick-me-up.

Is matcha good or bad for gut health? ›

Matcha green tea is made from powdered green tea leaves. Unlike regular green tea, Matcha green tea is believed to exert beneficial effects on the gut microbiota, as it is richer in nutrients such as tea catechins and insoluble dietary fiber.

Is it better to drink matcha tea at night or in the morning? ›

Overall, there is no one best time to have Matcha. If you love Matcha, feel free to enjoy it whenever you feel like a cup! The only time to avoid Matcha is right before sleeping. The effects of caffeine take time to wear off, so if you like to have Matcha in the evening, make sure you drink it several hours before bed!

What can you not mix with matcha? ›

Please don't put milk in your good matcha, especially if you're drinking it for health reasons. The milk sticks to the polyphenols, which alters (not in a good way) the bioavailability (how well your body can absorb nutrients) of the matcha, and all the goodies just flush through.

How do you make matcha taste better without sugar? ›

Stevia is a natural, zero calorie sweetener known in part by from its bitterness but also its limited aftertaste. It's considered a direct sugar substitute. Stevia, in this respect, does not take away the flavor matcha has to provide. It simply elevates and matches matcha's subtleness.

What is the best thing to mix matcha? ›

Traditional matcha green tea is made with just green tea powder and water, but you can also easily make a latte by finishing your drink with steamed milk. I love to make mine with almond milk, coconut milk, or homemade oat milk. Whisk again until foamy, sweeten to taste, and enjoy!

Does matcha burn belly fat? ›

As you lose calories more rapidly, Matcha tea helps you burn belly fat and lose inches around the waist without any compromise on your health or hunger. Not only that but the higher levels of caffeine serve another purpose when it comes to losing belly fat and lowering your body mass index (BMI).

What Japanese tea shrinks belly fat? ›

Green tea catechins stimulate weight loss

Green tea causes carbohydrates to be released slowly, preventing sharp increases in blood-insulin levels and promotes the burning of fat.

Why should you not drink matcha on an empty stomach? ›

Having matcha on an empty stomach can temporarily increase stomach acid levels, which can then cause an upset stomach,” she said. Caffeine may cause digestive discomfort by triggering digestive enzymes, causing an increase in gastric acid and speeding up your bowels, according to Healthline.

Who should not drink matcha tea? ›

If you are prone to arrhythmias or if you have heart disease, then matcha could be harmful for you,” she said. People who are sensitive to caffeine may also want to pass on matcha because it could cause anxiety and disrupt sleep.

How long does it take to see results from matcha? ›

Research has shown that l-theanine in matcha may help foster a state of deep relaxation and alertness within 30 to 40 minutes of ingestion.

Is it better to drink matcha with food or empty stomach? ›

Everyone's physiological reactions are different and though most people drink matcha with no side effects, that health bomb can be a little bit of a shock to your system. It's best not to drink it on an empty stomach. Some people who are extremely sensitive to caffeine can find matcha has a similar effect to coffee.

Is matcha healthier with water or milk? ›

absorption and the benefit of drinking Matcha for antioxidant content. ◾️If you do love drinking your Matcha in a latte style, pick a plant based milk (I'm using Almond Milk here) that won't affect the absorbtion of all those amazing antioxidants. ◾️Better still, drink Matcha straight up with just hot or cold water.

Is matcha better with cold or hot water? ›

So, is matcha more effective hot or cold? If you enjoy matcha for flavour, then you may prefer to brew it cold to avoid killing any of the taste. If you prefer drinking matcha for the health benefits it may offer, then those benefits may be more effective in your body if the matcha is brewed with hotter water.


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